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How about the only piece for you?

Dear customer :
Thanks for the visiting. This is a shop site treats pieces drawn by Lekalas. We provides and updates pictures by hand drawn or digital drawn and goods based on those.

Let us explain about this site below.

>>Categories :
There are 3 type of categories. One is “Pictures”, another is “Digital”, the other is “Goods”.
"Picture" is further grouped into ‘Postcards’, ‘Hobbies’ and ‘Exhibits’. Some are hand drawn, others are digital drawn.
"Digital" is further grouped into “Hobbies” and ”Artworks”. “Hobbies” is personal pieces as hobby drawn by Lekalas.
“Artworks” is images requested from overseas artists and images painted as personal hobbies by Lekalas. All images in this category are for download only.
"Goods" is treating items printed drawing by Lekalas.

Other details are described in each pages. Please check it well surely before purchase.
If you want to know more details that are not described on pages, or you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

>>Stock :
Stock of “Picture” by hand drawn is only one because those are original picture.
Stock of ”Digital” by digital drawn is decided when we upload.
Stock of ”Goods” is depend on the material.

>>Artwork :
We accept artwork for the fee. You can receive original piece according to your wishes. For example greeting card for anniversary day, decorating your room and so on. First and foremost, contact us the details about your hope. But depending on the our situation, we'll turn the request down.

>>Future :
We want kids to know that hand drawn is good because some have not ever seen original picture. Also we’ll donate a part of the sales of this site for the people who lives in difficult situation and environment. The donate will be aimed at children and babies over the world especially. All people have the right that live healthy, comfortably, relieved and enrich more than ever been. We want to support such the people even if the donation can be a little.
Also, we plan to add more categories not only Lekalas's pieces also my friends ones. Their pieces/items/goods are very great. Stay tuned.

At the end :
Firstly, just enjoy look over this site. If you may find a favorite piece, try to consider purchase it. What you feel something to the pieces, are interested in is another one more our purpose. If our pieces make you happy or feel better, it never been so happy to us. We hope if sharing pleasure between you and us.

May pictures/items/goods treating on this site will become your favorite even if it's only one.

Best regards.

Lekalas :
An ordinary person who like drawing, not an artist.
Have some experiences exhibit overseas exhibitions.
Have no knowledge of "art".
In the first place what's “art"?
Props to Banksy and master Nov-Ichi.
Thank to all who visited this site.

Svafkyn :
Managing this site and SNS related.
Is kind of Lekalas's manager.
Got to know of Lekalas via online.
An ordinary person who want to support Lekalas.
Guess the only person who understands Lekalas.
Hope this site will be famous to achieve the purpose.



お客様各位 :


>>カテゴリー :
カテゴリーは3種類。 1つは「絵 (Picture)」、もう1つは「デジタル (Digital)」、もう1つは「グッズ (Goods)」です。
「絵」はさらに「はがき (Postcards)」「趣味 (Hobbies)」「展示物 (Exhibits)」に分類されます。手描きのものもあれば、デジタルで描いたものもあります。
「デジタル (Digital)」はさらに「趣味 (Hobbies)」と「アートワーク (Artworks)」に分類されます。 「趣味」は、レカラスが描いた個人的な趣味の作品です。


「絵」は 手描き原画のため在庫は1点のみとなります。

>>アートワーク :
作品は有料にて承ります。お客様のご希望に沿ったオリジナル作品をお届けします。例えば、記念日のお祝いポストカードやお部屋の飾り付けに、等です。まずはご希望の詳細をご連絡ください。ただし、 当方の状況によってはお断りさせていただく場合がございます。

>>将来 :
原画を見たことがないという方もいらっしゃるので、手描きの良さを知っていただきたいです。 またこのサイトの売り上げの一部を、困難な状況や環境で生活している人々のために寄付します。寄付は、特に世界中の子供達と赤ちゃん達を対象としています

最後に :
まず、このサイトを見て楽しんでください。お気に入りの作品が見つかったら、購入を検討してみてください。その作品に何かを感じ、興味を持って 頂くことが、当方のもう一つの目的です。当方の作品がお客様を幸せにし、気分がより良くされるなら、当方にとってこれほど幸せなことはありません。お客様と私たちの間で喜びを共有できれば幸いです。



Lekalas (レカラス) :
Banksy とマスター Nov-Ichi への敬意。

Svafkyn (スバフキン):